Chloroprene-rubber base flame retardant adhesives

For fixing electronic devices, with outstanding electrical properties

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    • High bonding strength ensuring tight fixing.
    • Highly viscous and thixotropic, permitting application to a vertical surface.

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Product name SC12N
Main component Chloroprene rubber base
Solvent Hexane, Toluene, MEK
Color Yellowish white
Viscosity (Pa・s) 10 to 17
Solid content (wt%) 40 to 44
Specific gravity about 0.96
Diluent Toluene
St'd size 180 ml Tube/1 kg can or 15 kg can
  • *UL Certificated. File No. E63260 UL94 V-0 (t = 1.5mm)
  • *Not for use in current-carrying parts

・Bonding and fixing of components in non-conductive positions
・For bonding of materials soluble in toluene, MEK (such as polycarbonate, Noryl, ABS or acrylics), please contact us beforehand.

* Please be sure to avoid any use of these materials in electronic components that are to be energized electrically to prevent tracking or similar problems.
We recommend applying our polyester resin-based self-extinguishing adhesives SC608Z2 series.
[Precautions on the use of chloroprene rubber-based adhesives]

1.Bonding strength (90° peeling strength) - Drying rate and open time -

Test Piece Condition

Substrate:Plywood/50µm aluminum
Sample width:25mm
Measuring condition:25°C 50%RH
Coating thickness:150µm (wet)
Peeling speed:50mm/min


2.Bonding strength and left time (180° peeling strength and shear strength)

Test Piece Condition
Substrate①:ABS/Aluminum foil
Sample width:① 25mm ②10mm x 10mm
Measuring condition:25°C 50%RH
Coating thickness:150µm (wet)
Peel speed:① 50mm/min ②10mm/min
Product name Leaving time
1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days
180° Peeling strength (N/25mm) ① SC12N 30.4 26.5 29.4 25.5 19.6
Shear strength (N/c㎡) ② 298 392 431 Material failure Material failure
  • Complying with JIS S6040

3.Bonding strength under different atmospheres (180° Peeling strength)

Test Piece Condition

Sample width:25mm
Peeling speed:50mm/min
Cleaning solvent:Toluene
Coating thickness:
Apply a first coat of 150μm. After drying at 30°C for 10 min, apply a second coat of 200μm.
Apply a first coat of 150μm and dry at 30°C for 10 min.
Apply a second coat at 150μm and dry at 30°C for 10 min.
After dried apply a third coat at 250μm.

[After final coat, hold the open time for 5 min and pressed the adherent with rubber roller at room temperature. After drying at 60°C for one hour, allow it to stand at room temperature. ]


4.Bonding strength on various type of substrate (180° peeling strength, Shear strength)

Test Piece Condition

Substrate①:Plywood/Plywood , SBR/Canvas
Substrate②:AL/AL , AL/Styrol
Sample width:①25mm ②10mm x 10mm
Measuring condition:25°C 50%RH
Coating thickness:150μm (wet)
Peeling speed:①50mm/min ②10mm/min

Test item Substrate Product name
180° Peeling strength①(N/25mm) Plywood/Plywood 33.3
SBR/Canvas 58.8
Shear strength②(N/cm2) AL/AL 337
Styrol/Styrol 178


Please read notes indicated on the relevant safety data sheet(SDS) for precautions required for operation.


Note on the characteristic data given - Data on the characteristics of the products described in this page based on the results of evaluations carried out by the company. This does not guarantee that the characteristics of the product conform with your usage environment. Before use, review the usage conditions based on evaluation data obtained from the equipment and substrates actually used.

Product Lineup