Relationships with Society

Communication to Shareholders & Investors

We strive to enhance shareholder value in the medium to long term through highly transparent and reliable disclosure as well as sincere communication.

Disclosure of Corporate Information

For Dexerials, timely and appropriate disclosure to shareholders and investors serves to ensure transparent and fair decision making as well as effective corporate governance functions. We also believe that it contributes to increasing corporate value by promoting public understanding, appropriate market assessment of the company and other measurements. Therefore, we not only undertake disclosure required by laws and regulations, but also publish information proactively through a variety of channels, including the IR section of our website and shareholder reports, working in this way to create a system for highly transparent and reliable disclosure. To ensure that our disclosed information can be easily understood and serves as a useful basis for investment decisions, we adopt reader-friendly language and formats in our materials, as well as provide an English- language version where the information is considered likely to be of particular importance to non-japanese shareholders and investors.

Profit Return

We regard return of profits to shareholders as one of the most important management tasks. With a recognition that increasing corporate value through investments for growth is the common interests of our shareholders, we have established a basic policy that we should first give priority to business investments leading to sustainable corporate value improvement and then make shareholder returns in line with profit growth with the target total payout ratio*1 to consolidated profit before amortization of goodwill of approximately 40%. We determine the actual amount of dividends by comprehensively considering factors such as the amount of investments required for growth, the estimated free cash flow*2 , the total payout ratio including share buyback and the importance of stable dividend distribution, while securing a sound financial base.

  • *1 Total payout ratio to consolidated profit before amortization of goodwill
  • *2 Free cash flow = Operating cash flow + Investing cash flow

General Meeting of Shareholders

Ahead of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, we send out the meeting notices as early as possible, provide enhanced information, post documents on our website in both Japanese and English, and take other measures to ensure that shareholders have fair access to data, adequate information to exercise their rights, and sufficient time for reflection. Moreover, we are working to create an electronic voting environment, with a website where individual shareholders can exercise their voting rights online and an electronic voting platform for institutional investors.

IR Activities

Below is an outline of investor relations activities for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2018.

Activity Frequency Contents
Interviews with analysts and Japanese and non-Japanese Institutional investors 217 times ・Conducted individual interviews and telephone conferences, as well as participated in investor conferences hosted by securities firms
Briefings for institutional investors and analysts 4 times ・Earnings briefings (4 times)
Briefings for individual investors 11 times ・Participated in IR events and investment seminars and conducted IR briefings held at securities firms’ branches with participation from a total of 2,661 individual investors
・We also held Internet-based online briefings for the first time toward the further expansion of communication
Posting IR materials on website As appropriate ・Posting of materials such as the consolidated financial results and supplementary materials, as well as shareholder reports, securities reports (quarterly), materials relating to the General Meeting of Shareholders, the IR event calendar, and so on
・We published new content for individual investors, including corporate briefings, product introductions, and shareholder questionnaire survey results