Compliance is the very realization of Dexerials' corporate philosophy and is an essential foundation for sustainable growth. We strive to ensure thorough compliance as a company trusted by our customers and society.

Formulation and Dissemination of the Dexerials Group Code of Conduct

The Dexerials Group has established the Dexerials Group Code of Conduct which all officers and employees of all Group companies should observe, and is promoting thorough compliance and sound business activities.
The Code of Conduct sets forth basic policies and specific commitments that all officers and employees should always uphold, and has been translated into three languages (English, Chinese, and Korean) and is applied to all Group companies in Japan and overseas.
To further promote compliance on a global basis based on the Code of Conduct, we are working to clarify our compliance system by establishing compliance system regulations and other initiatives.

Initiatives to Strengthen Global Compliance

To strengthen global compliance, we are disseminating the Compliance Handbook and providing education to all Group employees in Japan and overseas.

Compliance Month

The Dexerials Group has designated October as “Compliance Month.”
During this month intensively, we send out a message from the President, implement compliance education for all Group companies, and distribute compliance information, etc., on a regular basis.
In fiscal 2022, we sent out the message from the President that discussed thorough compliance related to quality, diversity, etc., to improve all Group employees’ awareness. The message also provided opportunities for employees to reflect on the importance of compliance and their daily actions.

Compliance Education

The Dexerials Group conducts training for all employees of all Group companies in Japan and overseas on compliance using e-learning and other means.
We also periodically distribute email newsletters “Compliance News” that explain compliance violation cases using manga to help employees feel compliance more familiar. The email newsletter is translated into three languages (English, Chinese, and Korean) and is shared with all Group companies as material that can be used for compliance education.

Compliance Education Content in Fiscal 2022

Contents Details Date(s) Target group
e-learning Code of Conduct, Compliance Hotline, prohibition of acts such as bribery, prevention of insider, etc. October All Group company employees in Japan and overseas
“Compliance News” email newsletter What Compliance means, Compliance Hotline, pevention of harassment, etc. Code of Conduct April, June, August, December, February All Group company employees in Japan and overseas
Training for new employees Code of Conduct April New employees

Global Survey on Compliance Awareness

In January 2022, we conducted the compliance awareness survey of all Group companies in Japan and overseas. This survey is part of our efforts to periodically measure the effectiveness and degree of thoroughness and penetration of compliance initiatives in our Group, as well as the compliance awareness of employees. We also strive to steadily improve the level of company-wide compliance activities through the PDCA cycle.
Although there were no categories rated extremely poorly, there were variations among workplaces. It is therefore necessary to continue developing a higher level of compliance awareness and implementation.
Based on the survey results, we believe that it is essential to build trust within the workplace. We therefore conducted an e-learning course on “psychological safety” to promote understanding of the importance of open communication on a daily basis.

Compliance Hotline

The Dexerials Group has established internal and external (via attorneys) points of contact (Hotline) for whistleblowing by employees, etc., at all Group companies in Japan and overseas to detect and alleviate compliance-related issues as early as possible.
All Dexerials Group employees are informed that the Hotline protects the safety of whistleblowers by allowing anonymous reporting and prohibiting disadvantageous treatment of whistleblowers. This means that all employees can use the Hotline with peace of mind. The Hotline is available in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. In fiscal 2022, we received seven reports from across the Group.
When a report is received, the Hotline will investigate the facts, and if the report is judged to be credible as a result of the investigation, the Representative Director and President and the relevant officers are notified, and the Board of Executive Officers, etc., will deliberate on and implement measures necessary for correction and prevention of recurrence.