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A Message from Top Management

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Occupational Health and Safety, Disaster Prevention

The Dexerials Group implements employee training, along with reinforcement and improvement work to facilities, in an effort to prevent or minimize damage from disasters and accidents which potentially could have a serious impact on business.

Occupational Health and Safety, Disaster Prevention Principle

The Dexerials Group’s Occupational Health and Safety, Disaster Prevention (OHS) Principle states that “We are conscious that safety is imperative to the creation of new value and to quality enhancement, and will continue to provide safe and healthy business sites.

Occupational Health and Safety, Disaster Prevention Policy

Dexerials Group is moving ahead with "Safety FIRST※1" activities, raising the climate of safety in all workplaces and preventing critical disasters in order to reduce risk and the occurrence of disasters and to continue stable business.

  • 1.We understand and comply with domestic and overseas laws, ordinances and regulations related to health and safety.
  • 2.We carry out risk assessment appropriately and work on the following as important actions.
    • (1) Operational/Facility safety: We clarify any risk in the workplace or at the facility and ensure the reduction of risk with absolute certainty.
    • (2) Work environment safety: We consistently adhere to measures regarding the risk of hazardous materials and flow management in order to maintain and improve the work environment.
    • (3) Health management: We carry out actions to prevent overwork and to improve measures for mental health and for those who need observation.
    • (4) Traffic safety: We work on traffic safety education and raising awareness to reduce the number of traffic accidents.
    • (5) Disaster prevention measures: We established BCM※3 which connects initial responses and the BCP※2 to protect human life, operations and our stakeholders.
  • 3.We improve the awareness and knowledge of safety and disaster prevention through practical operations, education and training to develop human resources.
  • 4.In regards to safety and disaster prevention, we cooperate with the government and local society positively while driving participation and communication forward.
  • 5.We make efforts to maintain and manage our management system by exchanging and activating actions and also implementing audits and reviews.

※1 FIRST:Focus: Narrow the focus and look carefully
Interactive: Talk to each other
Real: Understand the actual scene and the current situation
Speed: Prompt response
Teamwork: Cooperate with a common objective

※2 BCP:Business Continuity Plan

※3 BCM:Business Continuity Management

Occupational Health and Safety, Disaster Prevention Activities

We are engaged in OHS activities with a focus on various preventable accidents such as those due to human error, or equipment malfunctions, health hazards from chemicals, traffic accidents, and fires.

Equipment safety check,Explosion experience,Traffic accident experience Fire-fighting practice

Countermeasures to EquipmentAccident Risks

Dexerials Group tries to prevent accidents, but if an accident occurs, we systematically make improvements to our plan according to the urgency and the degree of importance of the risk in order to limit the damage to the minimum possible level.

【Main measures in the past】

  • ・Aseismic reinforcement of utility piping
  • ・Leakage measures for underground facilities (i.e. establishment of leakage sensors, duplication of tanks and piping)
  • ・Aseismic fixing of elevated chemical tanks
  • ・Leakage measures for the loading/unloading area (i.e. established a pit)
  • ・Duplicate external chemical piping
  • ・Emergency rainwater shutoff valve
  • ・Noise prevention activities (i.e. management of the regulatory level within the site boundary etc.)
  • ・Earthquake risk assessment consultation and implementing improvements
  • ・Leakage measures for underground tanks (i.e. establishment of leakage sensors and extension of groundwater observation wells)
  • ・Checking the system to prevent chemical substances from escaping

Installation of Observation Wells

Observation wells have been installed at Kanuma and Nakada plants to detect any leaks of petroleum, kerosene, solvent and so on from underground tanks, positioned at optimal points for effective measurement along the flow of underground water.

Countermeasures for Piping-Related Risks

In order to prevent chemical leakage from piping, Kanuma Plant and Nakada Plant are double-layering their pipes.

Reinforcement Work for Seismic-Resistance to Prevent Leaks

Common support frames known as stanchions, which support piping and wiring in plants, pose a risk of collapsing in an earthquake, causing leakage of solvents or waste fluids. For this reason, the structure frame, load weight and so on were assessed and analyzed closely and seismic resistance (IS value) was calculated based upon the results of an earthquake risk assessment. As a result of this, countermeasures were implemented to ensure resistance against seismic intensity of 6-upper.

Tochigi Plant Anti-Seismic Design

When the Tochigi Plant went into operation in October 2016, the necessary anti-seismic repairs were carried out after verifying the earthquake resistance of the buildings in the plant. In order to ensure the safety of employees during disasters, P-wave earthquake sensors were provided in elevators as a confinement preventative countermeasure. Furthermore, as a preventive measure against secondary disaster accompanied by earthquakes, we have installed anti-seismic reinforcements in building exteriors and in-ceiling piping to prevent leaking due to breakages of pipes and ducts.

Physical examinations

Overwork physical examinations are conducted every month as a countermeasure against excess work in addition to regular physical examinations and special physical examinations based on the Industrial Safety and Health Act. Applicants over the age of 35 undergo thorough medical check-ups, which leads to the early detection and prevention of cancer. Based on the results of thorough medical checkups and physical examinations, industrial physicians and public health nurses offer guidance to individuals or groups. We strive to improve lifestyle diseases and prevent illness by inviting external lecturers to provide special health information in classes on metabolic syndrome. In addition, in-company dental checks are conducted every year. Check-ups and brushing instructions from dentists lead to the early detection or prevention of oral diseases among employees.

Mental health countermeasures

・Stress checks

Based on the revised Industrial Safety and Health Act, all employees have been undergoing stress checks since 2016. The checks raise individual employees’ awareness of stress and how to deal with it. The health and safety committee also notifies industrial physicians of the results of group analysis. Problems are ascertained through detailed analyses, which leads to better workplaces and job satisfaction.

・Mental health classes

Managers take line care classes every year. In fiscal 2016, industry doctors and external clinical psychologists were invited to provide classes to refine the communication skills of managers. The participants said that they wanted to create a better work environment through everyday communication. In order to promote self-care among individual employees, industry physicians provide self-care classes. Individual classes help employees to acquire coping measures for more personal problems and to prevent mental issues.

・External counselling

In order for employees to be rid of worries and to create a system for immediate consultation, a free external counselling office has been established. By establishing various consultation systems inside and outside the company with industry doctors, public health nurses and clinical psychologists, we promote mental health countermeasures in the “Four Cares” as indicated in the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s guidelines for promoting and maintaining the psychological health of employees.

External counselling

Smoking prevention activities

In addition to creating an environment that discourages smoking, including banning indoor smoking and limiting time spent on smoking breaks, we cooperate with health insurance organizations to conduct activities that support employees who want to quit smoking. Specifically, we help employees to quit smoking by funding applicants on programs at smoking cessation clinics. As a result, approximately 60% of the participants in these programs have successfully quit smoking. These initiatives have resulted in a continuous decrease in the percentage of employees who smoke, which dropped by 3.4% between fiscal year 2013 and fiscal year 2016.

Smoking prevention activities

Blood donation activities

Each plant conducts blood donation activities twice a year, and many employees cooperate by giving blood. In the fiscal year 2014, in the 50th National Assembly for Promoting Blood Donations, the Kanuma Plant was presented with a certificate of merit by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. We will continue to promote this volunteer activity.

Emergency Response Drills

Inspection of utilization status of environment-related substances

At Nakada Plant, we carry out an annual inspection of the usage status of environment-related substances, check the usage status of chemical substances including VOCs, and the preventive measures against environmental accidents. This allows us to continue our record of accident-free handling of organic solvents.

Confirmation of the specified quantity of solvents in storage,Checking the exhaust wind velocity,Checking of written records

Solvent leakage response drill

At Kanuma Plant, each business unit carries out drills in line with its specific risk profile, and uses any shortcomings or issues identified as feedback to improve its response to leakage incidents. Repeated drills have worked so far to maintain the high level of responsiveness to leakage incidents.

Emergency response drill for solvent leakage (Kanuma Plant)


Solvent leakage response drills at overseas business sites

At the Dexerials Group’s overseas plants, similar leakage drills are carried out periodically to improve employee skills.

Emergency response drill for the event of an indoor liquid chemical leakage (Dexerials (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.)

Occurrence of Workplace Accidents

In the fiscal year 2016, there were three workplace accidents that resulted in loss of work time, and five accidents that did not result in a loss of work time. We conduct investigations, analyses and improvements with regard to the accidents that occurred, and then share the information throughout the company to prevent reoccurrence. While preventing serious accidents, we will carry out activities to find and eliminate risks such as dangers and health hazards in the workplace, and we will make further improvements for safe workplace environments.

Workplace Accidents

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) Activities

Natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons, and infectious diseases such as novel influenza may cause damage to persons, facilities and lifelines that are indispensable for operations. In order to maintain stable operations as much as possible even in the event of an emergency, Dexerials Group has drawn up a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to keep the damage to a minimum as far as possible and to recover from the damage promptly so that production activities can restart quickly. In addition to the headquarters BCP, we clarify the role of each organization by its function such as procurement of raw materials/manufacturing/distribution to supply Customers with products, business transactions, safety confirmation of employees and data systems, and have prepared a recovery manual based on the possible responses and actions. We will further improve our capacity for crisis-control and our ability to maintain stable operations, with the intention of strengthening BCP management.

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) Activities