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A Message from Top Management

A Message from Top Management

Report Download

Report Download


Corporate Governance

Dexerials Group Code of Conduct

Procurement of Materials

Basic Philosophy of Supply Chain Management

Green Procurement

Environmental Measures

Environmental vision

Environmental Management Structure

Overall Picture of Our Environmental Impact

Four approaches on environmental preservation

ISO14001 Certification Status

Development of Environmentally Conscious Products

History of Awards

Afforestation activity

Safety initiatives

Occupational Health and Safety, Disaster Prevention

Relationships with Society

Initiative for Stakeholders

Report Download

This report covers the environmental and social activities of Dexerials Corporation, and has been published as a communication tool for this purpose. Download a PDF file of the report below.

Environmental and Social Report 2017

Please refer to the following for the details of Dexerials’ CSR activities.

Environmental and Social Report 2017(PDF/6.68MB)

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